We are almost there.

Hey everyone, I was wanting to give you all a current update on where we stand in the entire process of expanding and providing more adventurous times in different locations. In my previous post I went over a little bit of our road bumps we ran into. Some of the different parts of the house did not pass inspection and left us wondering if we were going to go through with the deal.

Giving you more insight on what exactly the issues were, a majority of the hvac systems were dreadfully old and in much need of being replaced. Part of the deal we negotiated was we needed new systems put in. Some of the building needed different units replaced being some were furnace and others were the air conditioning units outside.


log cabin air conditioner


So after the inspection we knew what needed handled but, we did not know if we were going to be able to come to an agreement. The sellers still had a budget then had that could be put back in the home and we were over what that number was. The property owners and us tried to home to a mutual agreement but after seeing what it was going to cost the deal just started to go south. We went back home and continued with business. Now I am taking what I am about to tell you as a huge sign that this was meant to be. We had a customer come and stay this previous week that was from Ohio that visits regularly. After we got to talking and catching up and telling him out predicament, come to find out he knows an hvac contractor in Gahanna OH that may be able to help us out.

Knowing the importance of the situation we phoned him up right then and there. After talking and explaining what we needed done he agreed to doing the deal at an extremely great price (Pays to know people who know people). Ohh the joy of networking. We are going to have to add a little bit of money in on the deal out of pocket but not a price that makes this deal go away as we thought was going to happen. This has made our day, week, and probably year. We are officially going to be able to close on the deal and make our way in to the great outdoors of Ohio.

We are very excited to say the least. Hope you appreciate the update and we will keep posting more news as it comes.