Final Step… Carpets

Hey everyone. Letting your know another recent update. I am wanting to give a shout out to a Columbus carpet cleaning company that purchased services from the other day.

TPC Carpet Cleaning did one heck of a job in the new place. We had a couple of buildings that just looked awful when it came to the carpets and had an odor that was out of this world.

We tried to find a solution for the dirty carpets but nothing we tried was breaking through for us. We got a commercial vacuum and had the place about spotless. There were still a few stains in the carpeting that we were not satisfied with. I know the vacuum was not going to cut it and that I was going to have to try cleaning them. So, we rented a rug doctor from the hardware store. I was shocked at my findings. I had rented these machines before for my home and they seemed to always do a good job, or so I thought. After we purchased the “recommended” cleaning solutions for the carpet cleaner, we went to work but did not get the results we were after.


The next step was to hire a professional. We searched for some companies in the area and just went with who we found in the search results. Needless to say we could not have been happier to stumble upon such a great business. Now I do not know if it is all carpet cleaning companies or just this one, but they cleaned the crap out of the carpets, got rid of the odor, and the extra dirt they were able to grab out of the carpets that the vacuum and our rental were unreal. I had no idea of the power of the equipment these fellas use. It was almost unbelievable.

When I have watched videos about professional carpet cleanings are recommended yada yada, I never thought twice about it. I am here to say I recommend you personally getting your own cleaned and by the same people we did too. If you are in the area and need to have yours cleaned as well, hit up these guys.