5 Tips to prepare your AC this spring

Spring is on the way, make sure your air conditioning unit is ready!

When we think of spring, we think of may things. This includes cleaning. In our neck of the woods, we love spring but we know that means summer is around the corner and it can get pretty hot. Spring cleaning does not have to be just about the visual aspects of your home. Give some attention to your air conditioning unit to maximize performance and lower those utility bills. Woo woo!

Be sure to clean your outdoor AC unit

Central air is compiled of two main units. Inside, the evaporator coil, and outside is the compressor and the big block looking thing that houses it. If the winter has left debris, leaves, or anything else cluttering your outdoor unit (particularly the fan), give this a cleaning as it can limit the efficiency of your system. You can do this by simply getting out the garden hose and spraying off your unit. This will not harm the unit and is able to give it a cleaning like it needs.

Schedule an Inspection and Tune-Up

Lancaster Heating and Air recommends having your system tuned up twice a year. Tune ups usually cover and inspection of your system and more. It is important that you have you system checked by a professional HVAC contractor. Having your system looked at is not only good for the efficiency of the entire system, but it is a good preventative maintenance process that can save you time and money in the long run.  Leaks can be undetectable without the proper equipment and when you think everything looks and sounds okay, it really is not.

Test out your AC before using it for the season

We all love to keep our  ac or furnace off if we do not need to use it to cut down on bills but, giving your AC a test drive before the warm weather comes is a very good idea. It is better to catch a problem with your system before you actually need your air conditioning on a hot summer day. Make sure you take this vital step to ensure you are not stuck in the heat.

Purchase a new thermostat

Older thermostats are not able to account for the way you use your home. Newer programmable thermostats let you set temperatures for different times of the day. Perhaps you are gone most of the day, set your thermostat to a warmer temperature to cut down on the use of your air conditioning unit while you are not there. If you know you are going to be home around a certain time of day, this allows you to have your system turn on and start cooling your home so it is ready for you when you arrive.

Additional Insulation

A home that is not insulated well can be a big problem. Not only will it leave you cold or hot depending on the time of year, but it will drastically have an impact on your utility bills. The best ac unit is no match  for a home that is not properly insulated. If you have noticed issues with this in your home, we advise you to take care of it while the weather is mild.

Final Step… Carpets

Hey everyone. Letting your know another recent update. I am wanting to give a shout out to a Columbus carpet cleaning company that purchased services from the other day.

TPC Carpet Cleaning did one heck of a job in the new place. We had a couple of buildings that just looked awful when it came to the carpets and had an odor that was out of this world.

We tried to find a solution for the dirty carpets but nothing we tried was breaking through for us. We got a commercial vacuum and had the place about spotless. There were still a few stains in the carpeting that we were not satisfied with. I know the vacuum was not going to cut it and that I was going to have to try cleaning them. So, we rented a rug doctor from the hardware store. I was shocked at my findings. I had rented these machines before for my home and they seemed to always do a good job, or so I thought. After we purchased the “recommended” cleaning solutions for the carpet cleaner, we went to work but did not get the results we were after.


The next step was to hire a professional. We searched for some companies in the area and just went with who we found in the search results. Needless to say we could not have been happier to stumble upon such a great business. Now I do not know if it is all carpet cleaning companies or just this one, but they cleaned the crap out of the carpets, got rid of the odor, and the extra dirt they were able to grab out of the carpets that the vacuum and our rental were unreal. I had no idea of the power of the equipment these fellas use. It was almost unbelievable.

When I have watched videos about professional carpet cleanings are recommended yada yada, I never thought twice about it. I am here to say I recommend you personally getting your own cleaned and by the same people we did too. If you are in the area and need to have yours cleaned as well, hit up these guys.


We are almost there.

Hey everyone, I was wanting to give you all a current update on where we stand in the entire process of expanding and providing more adventurous times in different locations. In my previous post I went over a little bit of our road bumps we ran into. Some of the different parts of the house did not pass inspection and left us wondering if we were going to go through with the deal.

Giving you more insight on what exactly the issues were, a majority of the hvac systems were dreadfully old and in much need of being replaced. Part of the deal we negotiated was we needed new systems put in. Some of the building needed different units replaced being some were furnace and others were the air conditioning units outside.


log cabin air conditioner


So after the inspection we knew what needed handled but, we did not know if we were going to be able to come to an agreement. The sellers still had a budget then had that could be put back in the home and we were over what that number was. The property owners and us tried to home to a mutual agreement but after seeing what it was going to cost the deal just started to go south. We went back home and continued with business. Now I am taking what I am about to tell you as a huge sign that this was meant to be. We had a customer come and stay this previous week that was from Ohio that visits regularly. After we got to talking and catching up and telling him out predicament, come to find out he knows an hvac contractor in Gahanna OH that may be able to help us out.

Knowing the importance of the situation we phoned him up right then and there. After talking and explaining what we needed done he agreed to doing the deal at an extremely great price (Pays to know people who know people). Ohh the joy of networking. We are going to have to add a little bit of money in on the deal out of pocket but not a price that makes this deal go away as we thought was going to happen. This has made our day, week, and probably year. We are officially going to be able to close on the deal and make our way in to the great outdoors of Ohio.

We are very excited to say the least. Hope you appreciate the update and we will keep posting more news as it comes.

Out Christmas Lights Needed Some Help

Getting festive at LnD Hideaway

So first thing is first. With the Christmas season rolling in our team at lnd wanted to get in on the action and decorate a little bit. The thing is, we ran into trouble and needed some help.

We did not have enough outdoor electrical outlets to handle the project that we were about to undergo so like anyone, we went over to the handy YouTube to start cracking at this and get more of the things we needed, which were outlets outside of the building. With a quick search we can across this video that helped us out because hey, we are somewhat handy and thought we knew what we were doing.

We started following the guide after we got all of the appropriate equipment needed for the task at hand. We did a pretty good job too if you ask me. We ended up installing a number of outdoor receptacles that all seemed to work and function properly. We tested them out and things were on the up and up. Here is what we came up with and they all looked pretty nice and clean so we were more than happy with the little project we set out to accomplish.

electrical outlet outdoor outlet

Once we were finish and started plugging in all of the lights we had is when we finally ran in to the issue that we were unaware that we were about to have. All in all I do not know what the total light count was and how much juice we were pulling but it was more than our panel could take. Luckily, we had an old friend in town and on location that own an electrical company in Florida called Sarasota County Electric. Kory just laughed but was more than willing to help out with the job even though this was not a working trip for him. He advised us that we needed a heavy-up.

Naturally I was like “What is a heavy-up?” and he simply replied that we needed a panel upgrade because we were tripping it from all the lights.

All homes and buildings have a limiter for safety reasons for the amount of power it can output for the building. There is a cap and we were exceeding it. Now obviously we paid for the parts and I tried to kick back Kory a little something extra for his time but being old friends he kindly rejected my offer. He said a lot of people need this kind of service around the holidays from adding more things that require more of a demand. Plugging in all the extra lights and other decorations that need electric to function add the the safety cap and its common for anyone to need a panel upgrade. Long story short, after a little time Kory had us up and running.

Now you may be wondering what the finished product looked like but that is for an in person viewing only. So come on down and take a look.

Merry Christmas everyone and remember if you are adding more things to your homes and they seem not to work, this is something that you may also need to look into having done.

LnD Hideaway

LnD Hideaway

Your ‘Home away from Home’!
Clean! Comfortable! Private!
Reasonable, affordable rates for hunters.
Comfort for the entire family.

The LnD Hideaway, a hunting lodge in Oshkosh, Nebraska, is the first choice in lodging for hunting, fishing, bird watching, vacations and outdoor tips.

A very clean, comfortable, completely furnished three bedroom home in the heart of an excellent hunting and fishing area. Will accommodate up to 10 people.

Looking for a relaxing getaway? LnD Hideaway offers ‘Small Town Hospitality’ for the entire family. Hunting dogs and family pets welcome in the outdoor kennel!

We are in the Panhandle of Nebraska, centrally located in Garden County,
* 23 miles south of Crescent Lake National Wildlife refuge.
* 5 miles north of the peaceful North Platte River and Garden County Refuge.
* 15 miles from the Ash Hollow State Historical Park, and
* 28 miles from Lake McConaughy.

* Oshkosh Nebraska, the Goose Hunting Capital of Nebraska! *

Bring your swim suits, bicycles, boats, and other toys!

Guides are available locally for hunting, fishing, and bird watching.

The blog will be providing useful outdoor tips and other information about our location and general ways to help you out.